Apartment Lighting

Seen one apartment, seen them all, right!! …wrong. While there is often a copy and paste strategy deployed by many developers to the design of their projects, it is the details which make the difference.
Over the time I have been involved in the creative lighting industry, I have worked on various lighting elements from foyer lighting to lift lobbies to individual apartments. My trick is….

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Aeon Rare Earth Magnetic track

Introducing a new edition to Aeon Track, the 24 volt magnetic system is designed to make the installation and positioning of luminaries simple. Added to the simple magnetic clip in system is the benefit of have only 24 volt system which means that it is safe for anyone to use and move. The speed of installation also means less time up a ladder.

Aeon Rare Earth Magnetic track video

DEN Furniture Fair 2018

As part of the 2018 DEN Furniture Fair, Satelight created an amazing installation reaching 6.5 meters in height and covering 12 Sqm.  Fabricated out of rolls of transparent mesh, this amazing installation was designed to be both a luminaire in itself as well as a showcase of the fittings developed for the exhibition.  The transparent nature of the mesh gave it a shimmer which was highlighted by the LED lighting strips.

Check out our video of how we created this fantastic installation.

Satelight design DEN Fair 2018

Origami lighting

Created using a combination of computer cut plastic parts and traditional folding techniques, the beautiful crane pendants were designed to illuminate using low voltage lamps. Hung in flocks of fittings, the array was used in a university to create a lighting sculpture.  While it was incredibly complex to achieve the exact folding, the final solution was spectacular.

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