The Reverb Collection – Acoustic Lighting to Bring Style and Tranquillity to your Space

The Reverb collection was developed as a modern and elegant way to brighten up any room, while assisting with noise reduction. The acoustic felt particularly compliments office spaces, educational spaces and social areas.

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The Ionic Collection Introduces a New Era in Modern Lighting

In architecture, Ionic relates to a structure with a minimal amount of decoration. The Satelight “Ionic Collection”, is designed and manufactured in Australia and draws on our key principle, “think small to create big”.

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2020 DARC Lighting Awards

Shortlisted for the 2020 DARC Awards; an international design competition for luminare design, Satelight submitted the GeoLux Grid lighting system. The system was designed to span an area of 12 meters x 9 meters and provide an omni directional light through the foyer of 350 Collins St, Melbourne.

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Custom Lighting for the Commons Co-Working space in South Yarra

With the latest edition of the Commons Co-working space in South Yarra now open and operational, the beautifully detail space by Foolscap design studio is a welcome haven after lockdown for anyone desperate to get out of their home office.

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Custom Satelight Reverb pendant

Satelight Is an Aussie Design Studio Creating Elegant, Imaginative Lights That Turn Any Room Into a Tiny Gallery

The pieces by Melbourne-based Satelight are designed to “become objects that the space wears”, ranging from delicate and whimsical to bold and geometric. The team is also making flat-pack desks that take just five minutes to assemble – no bolts or screws required.

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What’s new in the Gatsby Collection?

See how Satelight creates the simply elegant Gatsby flying V pendant light fitting. Like many of Satelight’s creations, it is designed as a strong architectural element, that provides illumination. This light fitting can be arrayed in numerous ways to create a dynamic feature for any space.

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Gatsby pendant Lights arrayed in reception

Support Australian Made

Satelight is a Melbourne, Australia based lighting design and manufacture studio. With over 20 years experience in designing and making, we are an accomplished team who are proud and extremely passionate about creating Australian made lighting.

With an in house lighting design team, we create our own range of light fittings as well as offering lighting customisation capabilities. Whether it be our own collection or custom installation, each light fitting we create is carefully crafted and resolved by our team of makers here in the Melbourne studio…


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Language of Light – The Entwine Collection by Satelight Design

Entwine is the latest collection by Melbourne based lighting design and manufacturing studio Satelight. Comprising of the Entwine pendantUnwind wall and ceiling light, and the String Theory wall light, Entwine is a narrative that takes shape within the coils of the rope and tells the story of a journey in light…

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Anatomy of a Light

There are many components and considerations that are important in understanding the anatomy of a light and therefore the effect light has on the anatomy of the space.  Having an understanding of the components that make up a light is essential in achieving the right mood for the space as well as ensuring the space functions effectively for the end user. Understanding the technical anatomy of a light such as the lighting interface, wiring and LED drivers assists in creating a well functioning space…

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Planting For Projects

Continuing the efforts to help our environment.

While we are not a big business, we realise that we can all have an impact to improve the environment. As a team we have discussed ways in which we can help and have decided that our goal for 2020 is to plant 5000 native trees around Australia. For each project…

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Apartment Lighting

Seen one apartment seen them all right!

When it comes to apartments often it feels like you have seen it all before. Generally in the design of their apartment projects, developers take a cookie cutter approach. A simple copy and paste strategy…

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Introducing the Rare Earth Collection

We are introducing the new Aeon Rare Earth collection to Satelight. This magnetic track runs on 24 Volt and allows for interchangeable lighting components to be moved with ease.  As part of the launch, the collection includes low glare, linear, spotlight and directional light options. Another great element to this system is that it is DALI Dimmable, allowing total control of the light output.

Magnetic Track Introduction Video


Over three days in June, Satelight were part of Australia’s premium design exhibition, DENFAIR, in Melbourne.  The show featured contemporary furniture, lighting, textiles and art.  With 160 exhibitors, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre was transformed into a design lover’s paradise.  A strong focus on unique design, the show featured the design leaders within the Australian creative scene.  Primarily a trade event, interior designers, architects, building professionals and specifiers came from all over the country and overseas to see what’s hot and new.  A great platform to launch new products, Satelight took the opportunity to release six new lighting collections – Synapse Wide and Narrow pendant lights, Entwine pendant light, String Theory wall light, Gatsby pendant and wall light and Parasol pendant lights.

Satelight at DENFAIR 2018


Ever wondered what colour temperature is? Or what is a driver and why is it necessary? The team at Satelight has put together a glossary of terms used in the industry with descriptions  to help understand some of the terminology  more specific to lighting.

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