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With 20+ years of designing and fabricating lighting for offices, restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, education institutions, retail shops, health care and various other projects throughout Australia, the Asia Pacific and the Middle East, Satelight has created many beautiful lighting installations.  With extensive inhouse fabrication, we can work with you to make variations to many of our current collections.

While we do not take on all custom lighting projects for commercial projects, please speak with the team about commissioned work .  We do not take on all projects as we like to ensure that we can completely deliver on what we design. Satelight is well versed to be able to guide you through the commissioning process to help deliver a resolved lighting solution.

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Work with custom elements within the Satelight collection



With 20 years of creating custom lighting installations, our experience in understanding design and site parameters is critical to the success of the project. We will discuss the various elements of the project from materials, to timelines, to dimming requirements to installation and make sure the bases are covered prior to starting.



Once we have a brief, Satelight can develop the concept as a totally bespoke idea or reinvent what we have in our current range. Satelight does not create replicas of other designs, we seek to generate new ideas and concepts of our own. At this stage, we develop hand sketches and quick renders to keep the conversation flowing.



Once we have an idea of the direction we are heading in, we start to get some preliminary costs together so that we know how to proceed with the design. We understand that budget is often the critical part of any project, so it is important to get an idea of what the costs will be.



With an understanding of the cost scope we can then start to work out the design. This may involve site visits to figure out site issues, looking at methods of construction, refining material details and we may create visual renders if budget permits.



While Satelight has many different inhouse facilities, we also work with craftspeople, manufacturers, freight forwarders and other suppliers that we need to co-ordinate with to create the finished fittings. To have a firm quote, this can take a few days while we wait for pricing to come in from our resource chain.



Once the quote is accepted and a purchase order received, we require a deposit to be placed so we can then commence production of the customised designs. The making process relies on our own skilled inhouse team as well as an external supply chain. So this can run as smoothly as possible, we produce shop drawings for sign off and have our project production meetings so the Satelight team understand what they are making. During manufacture, variations may arise so it is critical that there is a degree of flexibility to make course corrections on the go.



While we can create all types of amazing installations, if we can’t get it to site safely there is little point. We need a clear understanding of site parameters, so we can factor in issues in advance. Installation requirements, site facilities, location, goods receiver and site storage are all factors in making a successful project. While we cannot control all aspects, we try and make it as easy as possible by having processes to minimise risk. We think small to make it big, as we find it is much better to have a group of components which join to make a larger installation.

Materials and Processes