The Ionic Collection Introduces a New Era in Modern Lighting

In architecture, Ionic relates to a structure with a minimal amount of decoration. The Satelight “Ionic Collection”, is designed and manufactured in Australia and draws on our key principle, “think small to create big”.

“Think small to create big

Designed as an individual exclamation mark, to punctuate a space or used to array across large interiors. The Ionic can be positioned horizontally, diagonally or vertically to create flow through a room. In addition you can select rear, side or front facing illumination to create a stunning illuminated design and mix between warm white and cool white tones

The Ionic Wall, Ionic Ceiling and Ionic Pendant are available with a single or double wall mount. The timber puck is crafted from sustainably sourced Australian grown hardwood.  Each timber detail is unique and adds to the contemporary charm of the light fittings.

Many years ago, we made a commitment that much of what we do would be designed and manufactured in Australia. For over 20 years the capacity for Satelight to create and deliver refined products that are manufactured locally has given Satelight the ability to shift with the times and adapt to an ever changing market. We are very excited to be able to bring you the first of a new era for Satelight with The Iconic and you can expect more exciting news and products to come.