The Reverb Collection – Acoustic Lighting to Bring Style and Tranquillity to your Space

The Reverb collection was developed as a modern and elegant way to brighten up any room, while assisting with noise reduction. The acoustic felt particularly compliments office spaces, educational spaces and social areas. 

Available in a variety of colours these unique fittings serve as a multifunctional solution to populated spaces both big and small. As life starts to move back into the office and shared workplaces become more common it is more important than ever to create an inviting space that facilitates both the environment and the people in it.

The felt wall uses a minimum of 60% recycled fibres and makes use of an internal air pocket to create a wonderfully unique sound absorbing light fitting. Each of the Reverb fittings is hand made and assembled locally by the Satelight production team in Melbourne, ensuring that every product that goes out the door is made to the highest quality.

The Reverb collection consists of 4 unique designs, the Pill, Trap, Rise and Set, all of which offer the same functionality while telling a different story. 

The Reverb collection is most effective when clustered together but can also be suspended as a single fitting to elevate any room. At Satelight we aim to offer simple solutions and unique designs that can be clustered or arrayed to bring your space to life.