2020 DARC Lighting Awards.


Shortlisted for the 2020 DARC Awards; an international design competition for luminare design, Satelight submitted the GeoLux Grid lighting system. The system was designed to span an area of 12 meters x 9 meters and provide an omni directional light through the foyer of 350 Collins St, Melbourne

Constructed by using 4 basic components; straight, T connector, right angle and illuminated tube, they can be configured in various ways across a ceiling line.  Using an innovative magnetic connector the new version is designed to allow for the illuminated tube to be removed and changed if it is cable suspended from the ceiling.

Satelight’s design philosophy of “think small to make it big” the fitting is designed to fit a small freight footprint. Once on site, the installers can easily install each piece at a time, rather than having to lift a massive installation into place, which in turn minimise equipment required on a busy work site.

GeoLux Lighting grid

The custom installation was commissioned for installation in a building foyer at 350 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia which was designed by Gray Pucksand Architects. The installation covered an area of 9 x 12 meters and required 86 illuminated tubes. Satelight also designed a customised feature wall as part of the installation.  While GeoLux uses standardised sizes, Satelight can fabricated some custom elements as part of the concept.

PUBLISHED 22 April, 2021

PHOTOGRAPHY  Satelight design