Support Australia Made

Satelight is a Melbourne, Australia based lighting design and manufacture studio. With over 20 years experience in designing and making, we are an accomplished team who are proud and extremely passionate about creating Australian made lighting. 

With an in house lighting design team, we create our own range of light fittings as well as offering lighting customisation capabilities. Whether it be our own collection or custom installation, each light fitting we create is carefully crafted and resolved by our team of makers here in the Melbourne studio.  

Now more than ever, it is important to support local makers in what ever field. At Satelight, we have a range of skills, equipment and technology that we utilise to create our lighting installations and fixtures. With the studio team all from a design background and the production team all specialising in different areas of lighting manufacture, we are more than capable of creating beautiful light fixtures. While we cannot do it all in house, we support our local manufacturing community by outsourcing specific skills to ensure our light fittings are created to the highest quality. For example we work alongside metalworkers, glassblowers and surface finishers to create our lighting collections. 

By making light fittings locally, this offers an array of benefits to the Australian design and manufacture industry. Supporting local makers, such as Satelight, gives a high level of control to the designer over materials and processes. This not only means that the designer has a range of materials and processes to choose from, but they can also trust that the specified material and/or process will be achieved for their project. Likewise, we at Satelight utilise high quality materials and methods which also means ease of customisation for different project needs. By working with local makers like us, this also provides the beneficial opportunity for collaboration between the designer and the maker. By specifying Australian made rather than importing from overseas, this saves time through having shorter project lead times. 

Supporting Australian made and local businesses such as Satelight, not only has a positive impact on the Australian design and manufacture industry, but also has beneficial impacts on the environment. When supporting local manufacture rather than importing from overseas, the fixtures have less distance to travel and therefore reduced carbon emissions. This also applies to the material that the light fitting is made from, whereby unique Australian materials can not only be utilised but celebrated through the light fitting. 

As part of the Australian design and manufacture industry, we at Satelight are passionate about  creating beautiful, functional light fittings for our industry. Within this industry, it is important to remember to support each other to assist the Australian economy as well as create aesthetic and practical spaces in which we as Australians inhabit.