The Commons – South Yarra


With the latest edition of the Commons Co-working space in South Yarra now open and operational, the beautifully detail space by Foolscap design studio is a welcome haven after lockdown for anyone desperate to get out of their home office.

Spanning over three levels with numerous nooks to work away in, it is the perfect space to be able to do your best work and network with like minded people. Under the guidance of the team at Foolscap studio, Satelight customised the Reverb pill light fitting to suite the communal co-working areas with the Reverb Pill acoustic light fitting. The reverb was extended in length and designed to carry a high output light engine.

Pill Pendant designed by Duncan Ward and the Satelight team

Reverb Pill pendant is manufactured using a dense felt panel which is acoustically rated to absorb different frequencies of sound. Joining the Reverb pill pendant light on this project were numerous other fittings like the Totem Duo pendant light and the Domo pendant for the entrance foyer.

Forming the integral lighting for the top floor cafe is a massive installation spanning some 50+ large spheres on a lighting track system. While it is a simple enough looking installation , it took many hours to finesse and get all of the parts in the right position. Located in the

Custom feature lighting installation in the Commons South Yarra Cafe.

Not to detract from the simple elegance of the conference room, the space was illuminated by Satelight Circa pendant, which incorporated DALI dimmable light disks to control the light. A Massive thank-you to the team at Foolscap Studio for working with Satelight to help realize this project.

PUBLISHED 22 April, 2021