Icarus Drum Pendant Lights

The Icarus pendant collection addresses the issues of insects and dust collecting on a traditional base diffuser. With our patented design, the horizontal base diffuser is replaced with the new inverted cone and illuminated by our high output LED light disk, which pushes more light downward and reduces maintenance. The drum lampshades have straight sides, giving a classic look to the pendant lights. Satelights’ range of material options can be viewed here

Icarus TAP60     400 TØ x 600 BØ x 400 H

Icarus TAP80     600 TØ x 800 BØ x 300 H

Icarus TAP100  800 TØ x 1000 BØ x 400 H

Icarus 6003       600 Ø x 300 H

Icarus 8003      800 Ø x 300 H

Icarus 10004  1000 Ø x 400 H

Details & Features

4-6 Weeks Lead Time


Made in Australia


Customisation Options Available


I.P. Australia Patent Protected


Double Sided Shade Material Available


Custom Graphic Print Available


Unique White Low Profile Ceiling Canopy Design


DALI, DSI or SwitchDIM


Dimmable LED Light Source


Single Sided Shade Material Available


Light Source Included


Cotton ash 629-CA

Cotton black 069-CA

Cotton white 050-CA

Linen Barn 023-L

Linen Basalt 026-L

Additional fabrics available

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