Planting For Projects

Continuing the efforts to help our environment.

While we are not a big business, we realise that we can all have an impact to improve the environment. As a team we have discussed ways in which we can help and have decided that our goal for 2020 is to plant 5000 native trees around Australia. For each project we will be donating 15 trees to help reforest and restore local environments.

We acknowledge that whenever we create it uses resources, and as this has an impact on our environment, we need to be proactive to improve what we do. Over the past few years we have been working on methods to improve how we make and pack our products. We are now wrapping our fittings in biodegradable plastics and unbleached paper. Using sustainably grown timbers, designing fittings that can be disassembled at the end of life and incorporating low energy consuming LED light engines. 

In the coming months we will be sharing a list of suppliers who offer environmentally friendly packaging and materials. Alongside this, we want to ask you to share with us your knowledge to help us improve what we do.

Satelight Team