Pendant Lighting


Pendant Lighting Types

When designing your space, pendant lighting will be one of the key factors in creating the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve. Whether it be pendant lights for your office, commercial, café or home environment, Satelight Design has an extensive collection of pendant light fittings for you to select from. Pendant lighting can add interest to a large range of spaces including kitchen, dining, entertaining and foyer areas. Pendant lights create atmosphere and dimension, bringing your space to the next level. Contemporary Pendant lights can add texture and depth to a room while also providing functionality. Lighting is a critical design element, as it affects all other aspects of the space and is often used as a feature which the interior or exterior environment is designed around.

There are numerous styles of pendant lighting to select from including: Modern pendant lights, Industrial pendant lightsTraditional lamp shades

The versatility of Satelight’s lighting provides fantastic choices for decorating and you will be able to create the look you want to achieve. Satelight has specialised in custom made pendant lighting for 15 years and are experts in manufacturing custom-light fittings with a large range of different lamp shade materials. For more information about costs and custom designs related to the Ionic Collection, please contact our team.