Custom Materials

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As part of Satelight’s services, we are able to use certain fabrics and wallpapers from various material houses.

There are vast numbers of material designs and compositions available and it is important to select the right material for the right application.

If you are looking for horizontal illumination in the space, you should source materials which offer a high degree of transmittance, (light is able to pass through the material easily and would include linens, cottons and the like.)

Once illuminated, materials can look different and colours can shift with different light sources. It is critical to hold the material up to a light source to see what happens with the pattern and texture prior to specification.

If you require base illumination only, we work with materials such as 3-pass block-out, dense cottons such as our Satelight black or double bonded materials, which create a thicker substrate.

Please contact Satelight for more infomation and assistance in selecting material specifications for our lighting. We like to discuss specific requirements for each project, as considerations may vary.

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