Reverb Pill Pendant light

The Reverb collection has grown to encompass 4 different stories and now joins the Satelight acoustic lighting range. The Reverb Pill pendant light is designed and fabricated by the Satelight team, using high quality acoustic felt, the fitting is designed to absorb sound by incorporating an air gap between the panels. This assists in capturing sound-waves as they pass through the environment.  For maximum effect, the fittings are designed to be hung in a cluster, but can also be suspended individually, with or without lighting elements incorporated into the design.

Reverb Pill Pendant   –   1000 L  x 300 H x 45mm W

Reverb Trap Pendant   –   1000 L  x 300 H x 45mm W

Reverb Rise Pendant   –   750 L  x 400 H x 45mm W

Reverb Set Pendant   –   800 L  x 400 H x 45mm W

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Details & Features

4-6 Weeks Lead Time


Designed in Australia


Made in Australia


Eco Friendly Properties


Customisation Options Available


Available for Export


Acoustic Properties


DALI, DSI or SwitchDIM Dimmable on Request


Acoustic Felt Charcoal

Acoustic Felt Overcast

Custom colours available

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