Oval Pendant Lights

The Oval lighting collection takes its form from a flat sided oval giving this pendant lighting range an edge when it comes to bench banquet and bar lighting. Available in a selection of sizes these feature lights can be finished in a wide range of lampshade materials and colours. Rods are available upon request for these light fittings as an alternative to flex suspension. Fabric base diffusers are included with the Oval pendant lights.

Satelights’ range of material options can be viewed here

Oval 800   –   800 L x 300 W x 300 H

Oval 900   –   900 L x 300 W x 300 H

Oval 1000   –   1000 L x 300 W x 300 H

Oval 1100   –   1100 L x 300 W x 300 H

Oval TAP10   –   1000 BL x 400 BW x 400 H

Details & Features

4-6 Weeks Lead Time


Made in Australia


Customisation Options Available


Double Sided Shade Material Available


Custom Graphic Print Available


Pot Dimmer Dimmable with Eco-Halogen


Unique White Low Profile Ceiling Canopy Design


Dimmable LED Light Bar Available


Single Sided Shade Material Available


LED, CFL, Eco-Halogen and Filament Compatible


Cotton ash 629-CA

Cotton black 069-CA

Cotton white 050-CA

Linen Barn 023-L

Linen Basalt 026-L

Additional fabrics available

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