Unwind Rope Ceiling and Wall Light

The ‘Unwind ‘ is a flexible light kit that inspires simple creativity to express your own lighting design. The curves, flow & interweaving of rope become more than a light fixture, ‘Unwind’ becomes a sculpture of light. Only available in low voltage 24Volt LED Flexible strip.  Satelight reserves the right to make changes to product specifications without notice.

Checkout some unwind lighting installations. https://www.satelight.com.au/projects/black-hide/    https://www.treasurybrisbane.com.au/casino-restaurants/black-hide


*Unwind Wall 10 meters – 6 x timber pucks (Max span is 9.8 meters in straight line)

Unwind Wall 5 meters – 3 x timber pucks ( Max. span is 4.8 meters in straight line)

Unwind Wall 2.5 meters – 3 x timber puck (Max. span is 2.3 meters in straight line)

*Unwind Ceiling 10 Meters – 2 x Ceiling canopies 3 x Brass suspension points 1 x connector

Unwind Ceiling 5 meters – 2 x ceiling canopies 2 x suspension wires

Unwind Ceiling 2.5 meters – 2 x ceiling canopies 2 x suspension wires

Custom lighting options and chandeliers can  be commissioned with Satelight.

*Note: Driver must be positioned in middle of 10 meter length

Details & Features

4-6 Weeks Lead Time


Designed in Australia


Made in Australia


LED Light Source


Customisation Options Available


DALI, DSI or SwitchDIM


Low Voltage 24 V only

Standard Rope Colours



$545.00$2,350.00 inc. GST


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