Graphic Pendant Lights

The Graphic lighting collection offers the opportunity to individualise luminaires by applying dynamic and vibrant elements to the lampshade’s surface. A perfect solution for branding applications using a canvas of light. This lighting range is suitable for various interior spaces and is perfect for commercial and residential environments. Satelight also offers a range of pre-designed Graphic prints which are printed to order.

Graphic Circa 5003/4 500 Ø x 300/400 H

Graphic Circa 6003/4 600 Ø x 300/400 H

Graphic Circa 7003/4 700 Ø x 300/400 H

Graphic Circa 8003/4 800 Ø x 300/400 H

Graphic Circa 9003/4 900 Ø x 300/400 H

Graphic Circa 10003/4 1000 Ø x 300/400 H

Graphic Conic 300 200 TØ x 300 BØ x 400 H

Graphic Conic 400 300 TØ x 400 BØ x 500 H

Graphic Conic 600 500 TØ x 600 BØ x 400 H

Details & Features

4-6 Weeks Lead Time


Made in Australia


Customisation Options Available


Unique White Low Profile Ceiling Canopy Design


Ash 629-CA

Parchment Dunes 257-PA

Parchment Fog 256-PA

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