Circa Pendant Lights

The Circa lighting collection is a popular range of round drum pendant lights. Suitable for various interior environments these pendant lights are perfect for commercial and residential spaces including restaurants retail hotels and office fit-outs. The Circa pendant lighting collection is available in an extensive range of lamp shade materials and sizes. Fabric base diffusers are included with the drum style Circa pendant lights.

Circa 5003   500Ø  x 300H     Circa 5004  500Ø  x 400H

Circa 6003  600Ø  x 300H     Circa 6004  600Ø  x 400H

Circa 7003   700Ø  x 300H     Circa 7004  700Ø  x 400H

Circa 8003   800Ø  x 300H     Circa 8004  800Ø  x 400H

Circa 9003   900Ø  x 300H     Circa 9004  900Ø  x 400H

Circa 10003 1000Ø  x 300H     Circa 10004  1000Ø  x 400H

Custom Circa Pendant sizes are also available upon discussion with Satelight

Details & Features

4-6 Weeks Lead Time


Made in Australia


Customisation Options Available


Double Sided Shade Material Available


Custom Graphic Print Available


Pot Dimmer Dimmable with Eco-Halogen


Unique White Low Profile Ceiling Canopy Design


Dimmable LED Light Disk Available


Single Sided Shade Material Available


LED, CFL, Eco-Halogen and Filament Compatible


Parchment Fog 256-PA

Parchment Dunes 257-PA

Ash 629-CA

Cotton ash 629-CA

Cotton black 069-CA

Cotton branch 619-CA

Cotton citrus 625-CA

Cotton cream 685-CA

Cotton espresso 092-CA

Cotton fern 062-CA

Cotton koi 600-CA

Cotton leaf 078-CA

Cotton mermaid 071-CA

Cotton oasis 063-CA

Cotton princess 689-CA

Cotton red 059-CA

Cotton sangria 613-CA

Cotton shark 635-CA

Cotton sunflower 054-CA

Cotton white 050-CA

Designer buxton 918-D

Designer garden musk 931-D

Designer garden whisper 932-D

Designer hydrangea azure 925-D

Designer hydrangea hippie 924-D

Designer hydrangea kiwi 923-D

Designer palm 922-D

Designer pincushion 920-D

Designer rue 921-D

Felt bluebird 1008-F

Felt husky 1009-F

Felt koala 1007-F

Felt robins egg 1016-F

Felt rozella 1011-F

Felt rosefinch 1014-F

Linen Barn 023-L

Linen Basalt 026-L

Linen Donkey Tweed 024-L

Linen Gunmetal 019-L

Linen Jute 017-L

Linen Nickel 025-L

Linen Owl 027-L

Linen Silkworm 020-L

Linen Squirrel 031-L

Linen Stitch 029-L

Linen Thread 028-L

Linen toffee 015-LB

Metallic Alloy Bronze 394-M

Metallic Antique Glint 374-M

Metallic Patina Copper 1402-M

Metallic Pure Gold 392-M

Metallic Rose Glint 378-M

Metallic rose gold 1401-M

Metallic Silver Foil 393-M

Metallic silver glint 391-M

Metallic speckled bronze 399-M

Natural coconut 309-N

Natural paprika 328-N

Natural pepper 333-N

Natural sesame 332-N

Parchment tofu 208-PA

Parchment twill 207-PA

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