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Hollyhock Restaurant and Bar

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Hollyhock Restaurant and Bar

The Station Pier precinct in Port Melbourne has a new resident. The Hollyhock restaurant has a range of innovative designs and materials. The new Aëon Illumination Nord pendant lights are used to compliment the industrial feel of the pre-existing ceiling lights. The Beads pendant lights in the front bar are used to great effect. This amazing pendant light by Winnie Liu for Innermost, is impressive in the way it captures the light and its reflections of the space. Finished in a bright copper, the light is warm and inviting for the bar.
For the new dining area the Ghost pendant light was used, this has been customised with a black exterior and golden yellow interior. This is also complimented with the Helio suspension light with its yellow cord and then the space is finished with the Hemi 500 pendant light over the banquet seating.

Please note: Innermost Beads pendant lights are no longer available through Satelight. Yellow electrical flex is now unavailable for Helio S lights. The Ghost pendant light is now only available in single colour way. The Hemi pendant lights have been discontinued and replaced with the Lunar collection. Please click here for the Lunar lighting collection.