Bespoke Lighting Design and Manufacturing Specialists

Satelight can help you create custom feature light fittings.  We love working with creative interior designers and architects to help them realise their ideas and sketches - turning them into reality.  So, if there isn't a light fitting in our standard collection which you think would work in your project, contact Satelight and speak to us about our customisation services.  We are based in Melbourne, Australia where we have in-house lighting design and production teams.  Local manufacturing allows us to produce custom light fittings in short lead times.  Depending on the complexity of the project, customised lights can be made as quickly as 3 weeks.  Generally, bespoke lighting requires a production lead time of approximately 8-10 weeks.  Please refer to your project quote for exact lead times.

For Epworth Hospital in Geelong, Victoria, the Satelight team were able to turn drawings into custom timber LED ambient lighting.  Here's an overview on our custom design and manufacturing process.


Architect's Drawings


Satelight's Concept Design & Quote


Satelight's Prototype


Satelight's Production - Programming, CNC Routing and Laser Cutting Files


Satelight's Production - In-house Acrylic Diffuser CNC Routing


Satelight's Production - In-house Timber Blade CNC Routing


Satelight's Production - In-house Assembly


Satelight's Production - In-house LED Soldering and Wiring


Onsite Installation




Completed Project

For more about the Epworth Geelong project, please see the portfolio case study here.

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To discuss your customised project requirements, please contact Satelight via our contact form or call +61 3 9399. 5805.