It's all in the detail

Over the years, Satelight has developed an exclusive, unique ceiling canopy solution for their pendant lighting range.  This design seems simple, but a lot of thought has actually gone into this little component.  

The 120mm diameter canopy allows for remote drivers to be hidden in ceiling cavities.  By incorporating a front plate into the canopy design, all screw holes and fixings are hidden, giving a clean finish.  The seamless nature of this canopy makes them discrete to the eye on the common white ceiling.  As a standard, we supply powder coated white canopies with our pendant lights, however please speak to the Satelight team, if a custom colour is required for your project.  Note: Minimum order of 6 units required for custom colours.


Close up view of Satelight's low profile ceiling canopy with three suspension cables.  Other configurations are supplied depending on particular light fitting and their suspension requirements. 


Large Conic pendant lights installed with our unique ceiling canopies.


Oval pendant light with low profile ceiling canopy and ceiling pucks.


Black caged Klec pendant lights suspended on black electrical flex with white ceiling canopies.