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September 22, 2010


Boost Juice office fitout uses Graphic pendants and the Universe pendant light

Lions and tigers reclining on couches, elephants and giraffes on the walls and gnomes in the breakouts. This new office has been designed by the team at Retail Zoo and Boost, who have used their creative juices to design a vibrant new interior for their international operations. Retail Zoo has applied their talents to a series of Graphic™ pendants through-out the space to tie in with the animal themes. The Universe™ pendant light has also been featured in the board rooms, as a little explosion of ideas.

Satelight would like to acknowledge the talents and skills of the architects and designers who they work with. Please call Satelight if you would like to make contact with them.



New Seed pendant light fitting

Conceived as a collaborative project with RMIT Fashion and Textile students, the Seed™ collection has grown into a finished luminaire. First seen at Design:Made:Trade in Melbourne in July, the new fitting has been going through some refinements to become the first Seed™ pendant to be released.

Fabricated from industrial felt and metal, the fitting was an experiment in creating a form which could be flat packed and easily assembled to provide a warm ambient glow. Satelight has been experimenting with felt for quite some time in everything from jewellery to survival blankets and now with interior lighting. Keep an eye out to see what sprouts next!

For more details about the Seed™ pendant light fitting, please click here.



Customised Circa and Fractal light fittings dividing the spaces in Lane Cove Library

The recently constructed Lane Cove Library is not a standard library. Daylight fills the space and reflects off the timber walls to create inviting warmth while at night the space is illuminated by Satelight’s feature lighting. The library is divided into different spaces and is characterised by the style of lights. The Fractal™ pendants are arrayed over the casual lounge; customised Circas™ are clustered over the study desks and a line of pendants hang along the walkway. Our light fittings are also complimented by a range of different shade materials. Please read on, to learn about specifying customised materials.

Satelight would like to acknowledge the talents and skills of the architects and designers who they work with. Please call Satelight if you would like to make contact with them.



Innermost releases another unique feature light fitting the White Chandelier by Winnie Lui

Suspended as a cloud of objects, the White™ chandelier, created by Hong Kong based designer, Winnie Lui for Innermost, is a spectacular collection of objects. Elements such as plumbing pipes are interwoven in between prancing ponies, strings of pearls and white sneakers. The objects are also bejewelled and become a cascade of kitsch playfulness. More a work of art than a light fitting, this piece has been released as a limited edition of fifty in each colour and looks spectacular when illuminated. At approximately 1000mm in diameter x 1500mm in height, this is a feature luminaire for the brave.

The White pendant light was a limited edition piece and currently unavailable.

Please note: Satelight no longer represents this light fixture, please contact the studio for other lighting options.



Custom lamp shade materials

With any new space the ability to customise the details can be the difference. For many years, Satelight has been using a range of materials on our light fittings. While Satelight has a broad spectrum of neutral and coloured fabrics, we also use other materials from all over the world. When looking at materials and fabrics, there are a number of important considerations prior to selecting, as the composition of each material can vary dramatically. Materials such as silks do not like to be bonded, but are good for soft shades, while polyesters, linens, cottons and blended compositions can work very well. Satelight also needs to take into consideration how the various shade patterns can be cut from a roll, as this is often a key factor in the cost of the fitting.

For more information about customised materials, please click here or contact the team.


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